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We were invited to drink Matcha Green tea by a Japanese friend incidentally, I was immediately infatuated from the first time tasting and started to enthuse it until I was addicted, I did not know since when I falled in love with Matcha ..

We started our passion, went & found the green tea fields in Japan, went to see the production process of matcha. Why matcha had many great benefits for health, furthermore matcha green tea powder was not only for drinking but also had many other uses such as: baking, making ice cream, jelly, cosmetics for skin ... from that time I understood why the Japanese called matcha green tea powder as their "panacea". 

Since then, we always think of many questions in minds that Vietnam has many kinds of tea, why we do not have the item which is as good as the Japanese matcha powder to serve the health of Vietnamese? Why we do not have matcha green tea powder with good quality, not poisoned, pesticides, and with affordable prices Vietnam? What makes many Vietnamese people often buy the wrong matcha powder from China, fake matcha with unknown origin for using? ... 

Because of these questions, they urged us to have a Japanese matcha powder products of good quality, affordable prices in Vietnam to serve the people of Vietnam. Fuji green tea Company (Fuji Green Tea) was created with a longing purpose, a desire to give consumers in Vietnam a Japanese matcha powder product with the best quality and the most affordable price so that everyone can afford.

We commit that the quality of products and services are always at the forefront, the customers are above all, and they are companions of Fuji. Fuji confirms to meet all needs of the customers.


Come to Fuji, you will be assured of quality products, commitment to ensure genuine goods originating from Japan, clear origin. We work with the mind, matcha green tea passion by ourself, always respecting business ethics and abide by the law.

Vision & Mission

To become and be recognized as a leading company in providing Japanese green tea in general and Japanese Matcha in particular in Vietnam.
We are committed to constantly seeking innovatively to provide to Vietnamese people many Green Tea products & specially Matcha powder with excellent quality. We wish the Japanese Matcha will help the community get a more healthy, more meaningful & better life.


We affirm that the quality of products and services has always been a companion with Fuji.
Fuji considers the customers as central and committed to meet all needs of the customers.

Always satisfy and responsible for customers by diversifying products and services,
ensure the quality, safety and hygiene of food with competitive price, respected business ethics and abide by the law.